Learn practical ways of attracting investors to your business/ idea

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The “How To Attract Investors Course,” which sold at NGN30,000 is now sold at a giveaway price of just NGN6,500.
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Useful Knowledge Acquisition

James is the head of the IT department of a mega eCommerce platform in Nigeria, while Kola is the president of the company.
Both are young men of the same age bracket – in their mid thirties. They are both happily married with kids.
Recently, the company was invited for a conference in Abuja, Nigeria. It was a Tech conference. Kola and James attended the conference; they are both IT specialists. 
 At the conference, Kola introduced James to a financial expert – Alex, who ……………..
Kola conceived and birthed this eCommerce dream in less than four years. But for close to a decade, James had nurtured this  dream of owning a robust eCommerce site, that  will serve Africa, with its base in Nigeria. He had made several moves to attract investors, to no avail.
Why is it so?
It’s not about talent or dedication, because they both operate at that frequency.  
It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.
The difference lies in what each person knows and how he makes use of that knowledge.
And that is why I bringing to you the “How to Attract Investors” Course.   The whole purpose of The Course is to give you knowledge and direction  that you can use in attracting investors to your business/idea.
 The “How to attract investors” Course is a blueprint. It puts together knowledge, experiences, trials and errors, of the  fund raising process stories of  known successful brands and my team’s financial expertise in attracting investors.
Each phase of the course is an eye-opener. The course gives you a playbook that if followed or applied ‘religiously’ will give you your desired result.
The information covered in this course is timely and significant to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs like you.
 In other words, the “How to attract investors” course gives you the required timely information you need to attract investors to your business/idea.
If you have never taken the “how to attract investors” course, you cannot imagine how useful it can be to you. 
Time is Money
The more time you spend on searching for funds, the more money you lose. Save yourself time and money by signing up for this course.
The more you delay in launching your idea, the more similar businesses spring up and make do with ‘first mover advantage’.

Good News For You!!!

The How To Attract Investors Course, which sold at NGN30,000 is now sold at a giveaway price of just NGN6,500. 
Simply click on the ‘Sign Up’ button below and enroll for the course with just NGN6,500
And here’s The Course guarantee: you will find it always interesting, always reliable and always useful. Needless to ask for further access; you have a lifetime access to the course.
If you feel as we do that this is worth it, then click on the ‘Sign Up’ button below and enroll for the course.
About those two young men I mentioned at the beginning of this write-up: Midway into their chat, at the conference, James realized Alex and his company were the brain behind the information that aided Kola in attracting investors to his eCommerce idea. 
As you can see, they both had the idea and moved with all zeal and zest, yet had different results. 
The answer to the ‘why’ in the difference in their results is simple: Useful knowledge acquisition and its application.
Click on the ‘Sign up’ button now, and enroll for the course today. 
Simoyan O.O
Lead facilitator 


Want to have a glimpse?

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup or an early stage business owner looking at kick starting or expanding/scaling your business?
 Do any of the following situations describe you?
  •  You have business idea(s), but have the challenge of presenting it on paper, in an appealing manner.
  • You have a lucrative business idea(s) that requires external financing
  • You have identified a lucrative gap in the market which you wish to address, by providing a product or service.
  • Do you wish to attract investors to your business?
  • Your business proposals have been rejected in the past. 
The Courses outlined below have been designed to address the above-mentioned challenges. 
The major objective of this course is for you to learn practical ways you can attract investors, using tested and proven methods used by a number of business owners in raising the required funds for their businesses. 
The key areas that will be covered are as follows:
1. The Basic Laws of Attraction.
2. Business Risk Versus Value
3. The Fund-Raising Playbook
4. Case Studies – (The Playbook in Action)
Features: Slides, case studies, Notes, Q&A session, and more.
Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2021,
Time: 9:00am
Venue: Zoom
Fee: NGN30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira)
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The major objective of this course is for you to learn and know how to transform your ideas into a living document, that will attract investors.
The key areas that will be covered are as follows:   
  1.      What is a Business Plan
  2.      The Business Model Canvass
  3.      Analyzing The Competition
  4.      Developing High Level Projections
Date: Saturday, April 10th, 2021.
Time: 9:00am
Venue: Zoom
Fee: NGN30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira)
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Why are we doing both Courses?

  • To help you take off the bottlenecks in your idea/business funding
  • To help you think like an investor
  • To help you build the capacity required to convince investors and getting your business/idea funded. 
  • To fast track your business/idea funding
  • To help you move your ideas from mind to market.

Meet our facilitators:


Poyepo has spent the past two decades working as an Infrastructure and Financial Advisory expert in Nigeria and gained most of his experience working in various institutions such as General Electric, UBA Capital (now United Capital), Renaissance Capital and KPMG Professional Services.


 Prior to his time as a Financial Advisor, he worked as a Management Consultant with Accenture and Phillips Consulting Limited both in Lagos, Nigeria.
He is a graduate of Geography from the University of Lagos and has a CIMA Certification in Business Accounting.


Poyepo has worked for clients in various industries in Nigeria advising them on capital raising mandates in both the public and private sectors of the economy.


He has also worked on M&A, Privatization, Capital Markets, Infrastructure Advisory and Project Finance transactions.


Following his corporate career, he established Precision Advisory along with 2 of his colleagues where he has spent years advising start-up companies on how they can position themselves to raise capital from third party entities.


As a Partner with Precision Advisory, Poyepo has developed financial training programs geared towards supporting SMEs in their quest to raise capital and run efficient organisations. Some of these training programs include:
How To Attract Investors, ABCs of Writing Business Plans, Developing Financial Projections, Managing Cash Within Your Organisation, amongst others.  


Robert Jibunoh is an M&A specialist. He was head of Valuation (West Africa) at Ernst & Young. Robert also has significant Investment Banking experience as he was the head of Corporate Finance at Frontier Capital Limited.
Preceding Frontier Capital Limited, he was in the Financial Advisory division of FBN Capital Limited (pioneer staff). He has worked in various banks namely MBC International Bank, FSB International Bank, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria (pioneer staff) and Citizens International Bank. 
He is a graduate of Agric. Economics from the University of Benin, Nigeria and has an MSc in Finance from the University of Leicester, UK. 
Robert has varied hands on experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatisation, Corporate Restructuring and Agribusiness.
Robert is a founding Partner of Precision Advisory and he has developed financial training programs for SMEs such as: How To Value Your Company, Investment Appraisal Techniques, Developing Financial Projections etc.



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